15 Apr

Lemon Grove Promenade Parkfest

Yesterday the NewSchool Urban Design Club put on the Lemon Grove Promenade Parkfest. The club set as a project to activate the “plaza” at the Lemon Grove Trolley station. The Plaza, which has been nothing more than a place to drop off people for the trolley, was intended as the central meeting place for “downtown” Lemon Grove which right now is nothing more than two Retail Blocks extending on either side of the station.

The club set as their project to come up with ideas to activate the plaza. In the process they have brought together the City Council and some developers who have built or will be building on adjacent parcels. As a result of their work this project has risen on the city’s priority list.

One of the supporters of the project who was in attendance yesterday was Seth Smith, a member of the city planning commission and a newschool alum. NewSchool’s Urban Design Club is supported by the NewSchool Foundation.

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