27 May

2016 Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship Recipients announced!

Congratulations to our 2016 Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship Recipients who just received their checks.

Matthew West will be spending his summer designing and building a prototype earth bag construction building at Ranch San Gregorio- a sustainable ranch in Baja California, Mexico.


Miles Patterson will also be in Mexico over the summer, taking “Street Battles” a course on urban engagement with the Architectural Association Mexico City Visiting School.

Thanks to the Scholarship Committee, the Foundation Board, and especially Steve Altman for his continued support of the Pillars Scholarship!

18 Mar

Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship 2016 – Announcement


Dear Students and Faculty,

The NewSchool Foundation is pleased to announce thPoster_Pillars2016e 2016 Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship.

As we conclude the 2016 Winter Quarter, we would like you to take the opportunity over the break to think about projects, research, and travel experiences you would like to complete in the summer.

The Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship has been established by the NewSchool Foundation to provide financial support for NSAD students whose academic achievement and commitment to one or more of the School’s Pillars advance his or her education and the institution’s mission.

The Pillars which support NSAD’s development include:

• International Commitment

• Urban Engagement

• Environmental Sustainability

• Preparation for Practice

Two awards of $1500 each will be awarded to an NSA+D Undergraduate and Graduate student.

Please see attached application, which needs to be printed and filled out.

Applications are due on May 10.

Miti Aiello and Lucy Campbell,

Board Directors,
Scholarship Committee

NewSchool Foundation

26 Feb

NewSchool Team Takes First in Reno!

CMteamCONGRATULATIONS to the NewSchool student team that won FIRST PLACE at the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Design/Build Competition! The NewSchool Foundation is proud to be the main sponsor for this amazing group of students, including our own Student Board Member Nick Kawamoto! This is the third time in three years that a NewSchool team has taken first place.

You can watch a video of their winning moment here.

You can watch the entire winning presentation here.

10 Feb

Grace C Lee – 2015 Scholarship Recipient

graceLearn more about Grace’s summer research by viewing her presentation here.

Becoming one of the three recipients for the 2015 Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship was one of the most positive and challenging events of my graduate school career. Here I was, a first-year, third quarter graduate student interested in applying neuroscience-based data to architecture, knowing very well that I would be spending much of my summer time immersed in scientific articles. The two main reasons being (1) it was crucial to be more knowledgeable and, at least, sound intellectual around scientists of all fields, (2) it’s vital to know what research exists in order to eventually develop my thesis. Thus, why not catalogue my findings into a useful database for the school to access?

So I applied to this unique scholarship, and was gratefully awarded this opportunity to explore.

While many hurdles, including legal ones, hindered a database from procuring, the experience was incredibly advantageous. Many Board members of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) acknowledged my project and offered their support with my endeavor. On a personal level, I gained the confidence to read and speak in a basic, but respectable, scientific manner. The hundreds of articles that crossed my path became a resource for strengthening my architectural designs, successfully adding a unique poetry in what could have been an ordinary building.

Most importantly, the scholarship brings the rare opportunity to explore an area of architecture that’s not necessarily taught, but is fully supported by the NewSchool Foundation and NewSchool’s faculty.

I am indebted for this opportunity and highly encourage students to apply as it’s more beneficial than one can imagine.

4 Feb

2015 Pillars Scholarship Presentations

Pillars Scholarship Presentations 2016

We are pleased to invite you to honor the 2015 Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship Recipients. Grace Lee, Ryan Stangl and John Knibbs will share with us the experiences that were made possible thanks to the scholarship awards, and inspire students to participate in 2016. At the event, this year’s Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship Award will be announced.

We encourage all to attend and to share this incredible opportunity for our students!

WHAT: Dr. Steve Altman Pillars Scholarship 2016 – Student Recipients’ Presentations

WHEN: Thursday, February 4th, 2016 at 6 PM

WHERE: The Students’ Lounge in the Main Building, NSAD


Grace Lee will speak about her proposal aimed to bridge the gap between Neuroscience and Architecture through research and the development of a database.

John Knibbs completed the Rome Study Abroad program offered by NSAD in Summer 2015 with the goal of bridging the gap between Architecture  and Costruction Management.

Ryan Stangl applied his award toward research for the publication of his first Academic paper, to be presented at the 2016 ACADIA Conference.

27 Oct

Hay Memorial Fund: Call for Proposals

Applications for the Hay Fund are now closed.

The NewSchool Architectural Foundation’s Harold Hay Fund seeks to honor the vision and dedication of Harold Hay by sponsoring action-oriented research, practical lectures, and the construction of demonstration projects that advance the knowledge, understanding, and application of passive solar technologies in the built environment.

  1. Use/Allocation of funds:
    • The total amount established by the Board of Directors for this year’s allocation is $25,000.
    • There is no limit on the number of projects that may be awarded, but the total amount awarded during this round will not exceed $25,000.
    • Awards may be made for the purposes of lecturer fees, honoraria, student stipends, or fabrication costs for prototypes, demonstrations, or installed operating systems.
  2. Threshold Criteria
    • Each proposal requires a NewSchool Faculty or staff sponsor.
    • Per the terms of the Hay Fund bequest, projects should be student-focused, promote a fossil fuel-free future, and/or should address issues of social and environmental responsibility. Projects may also educate the public on historical and new energy efficient design, and support students doing extraordinary research in these subject areas during their final year of research.
  3. Qualitative Criteria:

Priority will be given to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Projects that enhance cross-disciplinary understanding of the built environment.
  • Projects that can result in physical construction or prototypes
  • Projects that have significant impact on the studio experience of the involved students.
  • Projects that make a contribution to the academic culture of the NewSchool.
  • Projects that embrace the tenets of social, environmental, and professional responsibility.
  • Projects that have practical applications.
  • Projects that have matching funds.
  1. Performance Criteria:
    • The completed project(s) must include a presentation of the findings/outcome, available free to the public.
    • The project should be completed within the 2016 calendar year, though exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the Board, for projects that require a different timeline.
  2. Evaluation
    • Project submittal will be evaluated by a Committee of the NewSchool Foundation.
    • The Foundation reserves the right to further develop and refine select project proposals in collaboration with the proposers.
    • Award decisions will be made in January of 2016 and funds are anticipated to be available for disbursement immediately thereafter.
    • The Foundation reserves the right to make no awards.
  3. Submittal:
    • All proposals should include a concise statement of the problem or issue that is to be explored, and how this relates to the proposal criteria.
    • The means by which this is to be done.
    • The names of any lecturers or technical professionals who would be remunerated or provided honoraria by the project.
    • A conceptual budget for allocation of the Foundation funds and other resources that are a part of the project.
    • The entire proposal should be no more than (4) pages, 11-point Arial with 1” margins.
    • Proposals must be submitted to the Foundation Secretary, Lucy Campbell via email at lcampbell@newschoolarch.edu by 5pm Friday, December 4, 2015.
    • Questions may be submitted in writing to Lucy Campbell at the email address above; she will distribute them to the review committee for their response.

Hay Fund Call for Proposals – 2015